Pengangkatan anak untuk warga negara asing (Intercountry Adoption)

Procedures and Criteria for Intercountry Adoption in Indonesia :

I. The Sayap Ibu Jakarta Foundation is a non-profit social organization provides child adoption services based on the Decision of the Minister of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia No.65 / HUK / KM / 2010 and the Decision of the Governor the Head of Special Capital City of Jakarta Province No. D.III-7817 / a / 8 / 1967.

The licencee is valid for domestic and intercountry adoption.

II. The Criteria for Prospective Parents :

    1. Minimum age limit is 30 years and maximum limit is 55 years.
    2. Married for at least 5 years as indicated in the marriage certificate and meet the further requirements :
      • Having no child ( statement letter issued by an obstertician of a physician appointed by the Departement of Health)
      • Having one full child, or
      • Having one adopted child and having no full child.
    3. To prove to the court, that you have been staying and working in Indonesia for at least 2 years based on a statement letter issued by governmental Head of Subdistrict and Head of Immigration Office, and statement letter from the Embassy / Consulate of the origin country Indonesia.
    4. Belief in God
    5. Letter of Statement that the adopted child will be registered for education and health insurance.
    6. The prospective parent must appear in court.
    7. Reference from close relatives from both sides ( such as parent, brothers or sisters).

These documents ( 2 to 5 ) must be authenticated by the Embassy / Consulate of the origin country in Indonesia and the Indonesian Embassy / Consulate of the origin country.
B.1.a. Medical Statement on the result of a medical check-up from the Government Hospital ( original ).
b. Letter of statement from a Gynecologist regarding involuntary childlessness from the government hospital (original ).
c. Psychoanalysis from a certified psychologist and psychiatrist.

      1. Letter of income statement and should be acknowledged by the Embassy / Consulate of the origin country.
      2. Letter of good conduct from the National Police Headquarter for both husband and wife ( original ).
      3. Three ( 3 )  of photos ( 4 x 3 cm ).
      4. Letter of statement that they will contact the Indonesian Embassy / Consulate at the future country of residence ( seal Rp. 6.000,- ) and should be acknowledged by the Embassy of the origin country.
      5. Letter of Motivation for adopting an Indonesia child ( seal Rp.6.000,- ) and should be acknowledged by the Embassy of the original country.
      6. Statement Letter of Domicile, issued by the Embassy / Consulate of the origin country, and
      7. Statement Letter of Domicile, issued by the Regional  Administration ( The Office of the Chief Village / Kantor Kelurahan ). A statement letter of domicile from the RT ( Rukun Tetangga ) and to be acknowledged by the Chief RW ( Rukun Warga ) is a must to complete the application to the Chief Village.
      8. Copy of the Passport ( all pages ) and KITAS
      9. A letter is required from the Embassy / Consulate of the country of origin, stating that the child will be allowed to enter the country after the adoption is legalized by a court decree. Under the adoption legislation an adopted child becomes such as a biological child of the adopted parent.

III. Translation of the Documents

All documents in foreign language must be translated by a sworn translator.

IV. Home Visit Fee

For the applicants who are staying outside Jabodetabek ( Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi ), Home Visits Expenses will be charged to the applicant, and those staying around Jabodetabek, will  only be charged for transportation fee.

V. Registration Fee for the Adoption Case and the issuance of the Court Decree will be charged to the applicant.

VI. Administration Fee

The adoption administration fee will be charged reasonably and should be paid directly to the Cashier / the Adoption Coordinator / the Social Worker.